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"With the purchase of the automatic STRIEBIG saw, we're not just saving money because the saw is quick, we're also saving man-hours because we can multitask while the automatic STRIEBIG Control is operating," says countertop fabricator Shad Hall.

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"The STRIEBIG saw has become a selling tool as well as a production aid. People are extremely impressed when they see it run.  It will do 12-foot lengths dead accurate," says Jack Hussey.

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                Upright efficiency:
Vertical panel saws bring productionbenefits to cabinet manufacturer
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Special Application - Solid Surface Countertop Fabricator

STRIEBIG Vertical Panel Saws:

A Standard for Every Fabrication Shop


Swiss made STRIEBIG vertical panel saws are known for their efficiency, seam-ready cut quality, and durability in the solid surface industry. Models for this application include the STRIEBIG Compact Plus for lower volumes, the full-featured Evolution and Control, and the Standard, which is the long-time industry “standard” for solid surface fabrication. 

The primary advantage to owning a STRIEBIG for any solid surface shop is the fact that the STRIEBIG requires very little floor space and nearly everyone in the shop can use it to make straight, seamable cuts with precision and ease.  Even if you already own a CNC, it's the perfect compliment to do long and square pieces and keep your CNC free for parts that need additional machining.

STRIEBIG Standard models can also V-Groove in both directions (X & Y axes) by pivoting the saw head not the material. They are much less expensive than dedicated machines and much more accurate and versatile than hand-held or bench mount models.  It is one reason why hundreds of fabrication shops in North America already own a STREIBIG vertical panel saw.

v-groove apps

 perfect miter

line drawing
Perfect miter folding every time!

No more "Build-Up"... It's here!

V-Groove Solid Surface Material on a Striebig.

Why spend $50,000 to $90,000 on a single purpose V-Grooving machine, when now you can do it all with the legendary accuracy of a Striebig vertical panel saw?

Saw and V-Groove your solid surface material on the same machine with minimal changeover time.
  • Significant labor savings over building up and edge gluing straight drops and backs.
  • Saw and V-Groove and cove on the same machine with minimal changeover time.
  • V-Groove in both directions (X & Y axes) without rotating the material.
  • Retrofittable to existing Striebig machines of 7-1/2 HP.
  • Much more accurate and versatile than hand-held or bench mount models.
  • Much less expensive than machines that only V-Groove, plus it saws as well.
  • Reliability, durability, and support that comes standard with a Striebig.

Striebig machines make seam-ready cuts in solid surface.   V-Groove solid surfaces easily and make coved backsplashes with Striebig Standard and Optisaw 2 models.

See our list of Solid Surface Countertop Fabricators using Striebig Panel Saws.


Solid Surface


1/2" Thick


Solid Surface


Backsplashes 1/2" Thick
 v-groove ss  cove cut ss
 v diagram cove diagram 
 v-groove blade  cove blade

Striebig Vertical Panel Saw
Cutter Diameter
(uses replaceable Carbide inserts)
220 mm (8-5/8")
Cutter Capacity
1/2" SS
Grooving Capacity
Full Sheet (3' x 12')
Sawing Capacity
6'3" Height, 14'1" Length, 3-1/8" Depth
Machine Size
16'4" Length, 8'7" Working Height, 5'0" Depth


Solid Surface Fabricator News

Product Manager Karl Frey (left) accepts the Associate of the Year Award on behalf of Colonial Saw Company from Russ Lee, Executive Director for the International Surface Fabricators Association ("ISFA") at the recent International Countertop Expo in Las Vegas, NV.  "Colonial Saw was honored for its continued support of ISFA over the years and during the recent difficult economic downturn," noted Lee.

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