Glue Applicators

The Lamello glueing-system combines ease of use and efficient glue application with minimal cleaning requirements.

The stainless steel pressure tank holds either 3, 5 or 10 kg of glue at a pressure of approximately 5 bars, or 72 p.s.i.. To start the glue application, you simply connect the desired nozzle to the glue pistol via the bayonet coupling. When finished, the nozzle can be flushed out in a shop sink and the front of the glue gun wiped clean. The LK glue applicators can be stored for weeks with the pressurized PVA glue in the system.

  • Stainless steel pressure tank guarantees long service life
  • Minimal cleaning required; only pistol head and nozzles
  • Only a single pump is required to expel the entire 3, 5 or 10 kg volume of glue, even over an extended period
  • Multiple hose / pistol kits may be used on a single LK tank
  • LK5 and LK10 units are no longer available
    • Fast glue application for biscuit or dowel connections
    • Fast glue application to surfaces, edges, grooves or ridges
    • Furniture and kitchen manufacturing, prefabrication, carpentry shops, mobile use on-site
    • Complete and ready for use with standard scope of delivery
    • Freely expandable
    Size: LK 3 285x340mm
    Capacity: LK 3 3kg
    Operating Pressure: 1 - 5 Bar

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    Lamello LK-3 (1 Gallon) Glue System with pistol - No. 502003 - $850.00
    Lamello LK-3P One-Shot Glue System - No. 530-692-002P-PK - $2,750.00
    • Rapid Nozzle Attachment

      Bayonet coupling
    • Easy Application

      Apply efficiently with the correct nozzle.
    • Exact Application

      Precisely apply in the correct position.
    • Manual Glue Systems

      LK3, LK5, and LK10 The Professional Glue Application System
    • LK3

      The stainless steel pressure tank holds 3 kg of glue at a pressure of approx. 5 bars.
    • Efficient Glue Applicator

      System comprises a pressure tank, hose and pistol, which is under constant pressure and always ready for use.
    • LK 100

      LK 100 for pneumatically triggered glue application.
    • Easy to Clean

      Minimal cleaning requirement.