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One-Shot Glue System


One-Shot Glue Pistol

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Lamello LK-3P One-Shot Glue System
No. 530-692-002P-PK - $2,075.00
Lamello LK-5P One-Shot Glue System
No. 530-690-000P-PK - $2,450.00
Lamello LK-10P One-Shot Glue System
No. 530-690-001P-PK - $2,750.00
Lamello LK-110 One-Shot Glue Pistol
No. 530-690-095 - $1,500.00



The Pneumatic One-Shot Glue Application System

  • Application areas: Especially useful for dowel gluing and biscuit gluing.

    Technical Data LK-3P LK-5P LK-10P
    Contents 3 kg. 5 kg. 10 kg.
    Outlets 1 1 2


One-shot Glue System Equipment includes:


    LK-110 one-shot pistol - a pneumatically operated glue pistol, with one-shot controls and glue hose.
    Switchable for continuous use. Thumb-trigger control.

    Hose 3/8" x 13 feet

    Empty Plastic Glue Container

    Water Reservoir

    Pointed Nozzle

    Pump Hose