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Why a Striebig Panel Saw?

World's First Vertical Panel Saw with Pivoting Head

In 1958, Ludwig Striebig, a Swiss cabinetmaker, was tired of ripping his panels by pushing the panel thru the power saw on his vertical saw. Realizing it would be much easier if the panel were stationary and the sawblade moved, he designed and built a complete wooden prototype to test his idea. Fellow cabinetmakers asked Ludwig to please make this new concept saw, and in 1961 the Striebig Company began producing the world's first vertical panel saws with a specially designed, pivoting saw head attached to a rolling beam. For the first time in the world, all cuts could be made with the panel stationery. From 1961 until today, the Striebig Company has kept Ludwig Striebig's tight focus - to manufacture only vertical panel saws and to make them the best in the world.


1. Quality:
Striebig has long been known as the standard of quality in vertical panel saws. They are Swiss engineered and built by a company whose only business has been vertical panel saws for over 50 years.

2. Accuracy, Squareness & Quality of Cut:
Each Striebig machine is set-up and tested at the factory in Luzern, Switzerland to ensure its accuracy to .004" and to guarantee perfectly square, chip free cuts that are either ready to glue up or go to the edgebander.

3. Material Handling and Operator Ease:
The heavy-duty panel rollers are the key here. They permit loading and positioning of even the heaviest of panels with minimal effort. There is no need to raise and lower the rollers just to move the panel a little to the left or right. They also enable one person to "flip" a sheet by himself if he needs to have a trimmed edge on the bottom reference surface. There is also the smooth plunge and counterbalance of the saw head, and overall smooth travel of the saw in the cutting operation. They are difficult to quantify, but easy to feel, like the feel of a great sports car!

4. Durability:
Obsolescence is not built in. Just ask someone who has been using his Striebig (and cutting square) for the last 20 years. They just keep running and running, some of them in the harshest environments!

5. Versatility:
No other vertical saw manufacturer has the range of frame sizes and variety of features and options available. True split-blade scoring, angle cutting, digital measuring, programmable positioning, dado cutting, V-grooving, and lifting system that allows trimming of the bottom edge without flipping the panel. We've got it!

6. Simplicity:
Controls and operation are simple and logical. They are engineered so that it is difficult for an operator to use it improperly or unsafely, or to damage it. The learning curve is almost nonexistent. It takes about an hour to train most people to use the machine.

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