Surface Grinders & Sharpeners From MVM

25 or 35 HP PLC Controlled Knife & Surface Grinder
MVM FX40 >
50 or 60 HP PLC Controlled Knife & Surface Grinder
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Automatic Rotary (Circular) Surface Grinder



PLC Controlled Surface Grinder

FX 40 PLC Controlled Surface Grinder


FX40/1500 For knives up to 1525mm (60”)
FX40/2100 For knives up to 2150mm (84”)
FX40/2500 For knives up to 2600mm (102”)
FX40/3100 For knives up to 3225mm (127”)
FX40/3600 For knives up to 3675mm (144”)
FX40/4100 For knives up to 4125mm (162”)
FX40/5100 For knives up to 5220mm (204”
FX40/6100 For knives up to 6100mm (240”)
FX40/7100 For knives up to 7175mm (282”)
Longer lengths upon request


  • 50HP Grinding Motor
  • Automatic grinding cycles programmable by PLC with memory
  • Toothed belt drive system ensures smooth travel
  • Carriage travels on lubricated Turcite pads gliding on protected replaceable wear strips ensuring minimal vibration
  • Variable carriage speed (1 to 25 m/min)
  • 200mm Permanent On/Off Magnetic Chuck with 24mm Pole Pitch
  • Rapid Wheel downfeed during setup
  • External bafold coolant system with 3 coolant delivery lines
    (one running through the center of the grinding spindle)

Standard Machine Includes:

  • 350mm Segment holder and set of 8 vitrified grinding segments
  • Angular Divisor for tilting grinding chuck +/- 90°
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Quick wheel attachment system
  • Lateral Pads with grease fittings
  • Sprayer for Cleaning parts


Max. Knife Length Virtually Unlimited upon request
Chuck to wheel clearance 200mm (8”) (10” if fixed chuck)
Grinding Motor 50 HP
Grinding Wheel Diameter 250mm (10“)
Grinding Wheel Bore 127mm
Chuck Width 200mm (8”) (up to 16” optional)
Voltage 220V, 3Ph, 60Hz


Magnetic Chuck Options

  • Motorized Magnetic Chuck Rotation controlled by PLC
  • Wider rotating permanent magnetic chuck up to 350mm
  • Wider fixed permanent magnetic chuck 400mm
  • High Power 14mm pole pitch brass sealed Magnetic chuck up to 400mm wide

Surface Grinding & Automation Options

  • Robotic Loader
  • Automatic approach of grinding wheel with wheelwear compensation (Laser measuring system useful for any application, requires PLC magnet control)
  • Automatic approach of grinding wheel to the workpiece (Electronic sensing system useful for HSS applications)
  • Downfeed by workpiece sensing probe RTS-15 (used to compensate for wheel wear during surface grinding)
  • 6HP Universal Auxiliary head with auto-downfeed

  • Automatic hydraulic tilting of the Grinding Head
  • Doctor blade mechanical gang clamping device for gang grinding up to 24 blades at a time (assumes blades are 1mm thick x up to 120mm tall)

Micro Finishing Options

  • Variable Grinding Wheel RPM (from 10 to 33 m/sec)
  • Slow carriage speed (creep feed down to .3 m/min)

Filtration Options

  • Automatic paper roll filtration system
  • Manual paper roll filtration system
  • Magnetic coolant cleaner with rotating discs
  • Additional water pump for high pressure jet
  • Mist Extraction System

Other Options


Massive motor on fx40 Massive 60HP motor option on MVM Surface Grinder in Rhode Island


  • 60 HP Grinding Motor
  • Manual Edge reference bar (priced per meter)
  • Rotating Cutting Edge references
  • Grinding Wheel reversal by switch
  • Free standing Electrical Cabinet (For setting machine up close to a wall)

Abrasives Options

  • Single point diamond dressing attachment
  • Ring wheel flange for 350mm ring wheels

Recommended Grinding Wheels

  • 10” Diamond Wheel 11A2 400 grit
  • 10” CBN Wheel 11A2 120 grit
  • Vitrified Segments (70/64 x 25 x 150) 36 grit
  • Vitrified Segments 46 grit
  • Vitrified Segments 60 grit
  • Ceramic Segments 46 grit
  • Resin Segments 60 grit
  • 14" Ring Wheel