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40 years of precision & production

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July 7, 2020
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40 Years of Precision & Production

Kochman, Reidt & Haigh Cabinetmakers uses CNC and STRIEBIG to double productivity

Kochman, Reidt & Haigh Cabinetmakers in Stoughton, MA has been using a STRIEBIG for nearly 40 years. In fact, their 1987 Standard was the shop's first big machinery purchase, back when Paul Reidt says he was a "baby cabinetmaker." They recently upgraded to a Standard S and again it was a big purchase for the shop.

"For myself and Allen Haigh, it was a little emotional to see our first saw go out the door. I remember when we got it, thinking how it stood out in the shop and had such elegant composition, especially compared to American made machines of the time. But we're happy to be upgrading to a new machine with features like digital measuring. Everyone in the shop is really excited to use it."

Since their invention, STRIEBIG machines have offered advantages in speed, precision, safety, operator ease and space savings, and now modern machines are at the forefront of technology and versatility, offering digital measuring, grooving & coving, scoring, automatic travel and more.

KR+H had their STRIEBIG first, and when they started doing work with a CNC machine, they used both machines simultaneously to double their production.

"Using our STRIEBIG we're able to match veneers precisely, freeing up our CNC machine to work on another project at the same time, doubling our productivity... its ability to be highly productive, reliable and precise with minimal operator movement is what keeps us in the STRIEBIG family today. We can also make the most of our shop space, cutting material with a vertical saw just makes ergonomic sense."

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40 years of precision & production