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Clamex Case Study: Camp Good Days

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August 31, 2018
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Camp Good Days and SpecialTimes, in Branchport, NY, gives children and adults with cancer a residential camping experience to help them forget about being a patient. It’s your typical summer camp - swimming, canoeing, archery, arts & crafts, and woodworking – except for the campers, who all have some connection with cancer. Services are free for campers through the generosity of local volunteers and businesses.


The camp’s woodworking shop is run by adult volunteers who provide all the materials, cut wood pieces and put them together into kits so the children can make birdhouses, stools, bug boxes, keepsake boxes and more. The campers sand, stain or paint, then assemble the kits into finished pieces.


Jerry Romanowski, retiree & woodworking hobbyist, had concerns: 1. Some children had difficulty using screwdrivers to assemble projects. 2. Since the shop is not open all day, the campers have less time to work on projects- some children had to be turned away in the past. 3. Some campers had difficulty fitting bigger projects into suitcases to fly home. He needed connectors that would be safe, fast, and easy- so he shared his challenges with Colonial Saw, Lamello’s U.S. distributor.


Chris Hofmann, Lamello’s U.S. product manager, suggested the Clamex P-14 connectors and the Lamello Zeta P2, a tool to cut the full range of slots for the P-System connector series. The Clamex P-14 has a connecting lever that draws pieces together with detachable connection points. The P-system enables the projects to be disassembled and packed flat in camper’s suitcases, then easily reassembled back at home. Lamello is supplying the camp with all the connectors and accessories they need.

“With the Clamex, all the kids need is an Allen wrench and all they have to do is turn the key. It’s a lot easier and faster than screws and they can’t hurt themselves. I show them once what to do and they get it,” Jerry said. The wood shop is now stocked with kits and parts ready for the campers to assemble bird houses, stools, bug boxes, storage boxes and more. Campers are learning new skills, building confidence and gaining the satisfaction of a project well made.

• Connectors insert easily without tools. • Joints assemble with just an Allen wrench in minutes. • Easily disassembles for economical flat-pack shipping. • Strong joints with no clamps, glue or secondary processes. • Works with all angles and joining situations. • Nearly invisible tool opening for connection points. Click here to download this case study!