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Colonial Saw to Debut New Striebig Model

Striebig Vertical Panel Saw in action
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Colonial Saw to Debut New Striebig Model

Colonial Saw, Inc., U.S. distributor of market-leading Striebig vertical panel saws, recently announced a new model coming to the U.S. market in 2018. The new Striebig Standard S model adds another level to their universal vertical sawing technology with integrated new elements and retained proven benefits. Chief among them, the Standard S will incorporate scoring as a standard feature and sport a sleek new operator control panel.

“Striebig has offered the industry workhorse Standard model for decades, delivering value and durability,” said David Bull, Colonial Saw Striebig product manager. “Now with built-in scoring, the enhanced Standard S will help operators achieve a clean cut on both sides. That will be especially helpful for architectural millwork shops working with large, heavy veneered panels or custom-made doors.”

The saw unit and control box of the Standard S deliver both functionality and ergonomics through a new comfort premium package. It that incorporates four popular features straight from the factory: automatic pneumatic locking rollers; Y-axis digital measuring system; pneumatic saw head locking with motorized fine adjustment within 0.005” of inch; and laser light horizontal cut indicator. There are more than 20 additional options and accessories such as a wooden support wall and X-axis digital measuring system.