Automatic Tool Grinder for Larger Tools (i.e. milling cutters and logging heads)

3, 4, or 4 + 1 Axis CNC tool grinder. Automatic grind programs for straight, helix, and cylindrical operations for tools up to 12″ in diameter and 14″ in length. AC servo motors on all NC axes. 8 mechanical axes of movement. Windows PC driven for easy operation. Memory for hundreds of programs.

Product Details


Grinds a CNC up shear/down shear bit in a single set up.Great for regrinding cutters, round tools and router bits.

  • Automatic Central Lubrication system for X, Y & Z axis
  • Automatic radial or axial infeed
  • Standard ISO PC based controller allows unlimited number of standard programs, as well as, allowing for free custom programming of ISO code

Features & Benefits

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