UT.MA LC35 Manual

Manual Grinder for Tools up to 14″ in length

Universal machine for straight and helical grinding for tools under 12″ diameter and 14″ length. It features a precision workhead with multiple pivot points, an MT4 Taper, a 24T Index Plate, and fine rake angle adjustment. Two-speed, 3HP Grinding motor rotates 360 degrees.

Product Details


UTMA Model LC35-S Semi-Auto Tool & Cutter Grinder Left to Right (X-Axis Travel is automatic with variable speed)

  • Universal machine for straight and helical grinding
  • For tools under 12” diameter and 14” length
  • Precision workhead with Multiple pivot points, MT4 Taper, 24T Index Plate, and Fine rake angle adjustment
  • Two speed, 3HP Grinding motor rotates 360 degrees
  • Table rides smoothly on hardened and ground cross roller bearings
  • Adjustable travel limit switches improve efficiency
  • Heavy Flood coolant system with external baffle tank

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