Automatic Tool Grinder for Smaller Tools (i.e. cutters, CNC spirals & compression bits)

4 Axis CNC machine for straight, helical, and cylindrical grinding of tools under 10″ diameter and 10″ length. Windows PC-driven programming with memory for quick and easy setup. Automatic flute face grinding. Full cabin and oil ready.

Product Details


The simple and cost-effective solution for the sharpening of linear cutters, bits, and tools used in the woodworking or machining sectors.

  • Automatic tool and cutter grinder
  • Straight Cutter grinding
  • Helical tool – external grinding
  • Helical tool – gullet grinding
  • Coolant tank with paper filter
  • Electronic handwheel for accurate positioning of the selected axis.
  • The machine is set for straight oil coolant
  • PC control panel with Windows software and menu-driven program.
  • Free software with ISO code.

Features & Benefits

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