Cabineo 12 Strong RTA Connections for Cabinets

Cabineo 12 – A Study in Strength

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September 23, 2019
40 years of precision & production
July 15, 2020

New Cabineo 12 Cabinet Strength Test


For a few years now we’ve been telling our customers how efficient and strong Cabineo connectors are, so we decided to test it for ourselves and share the results. We built a sample base and upper cabinet unit, fastened it to a test wall and loaded it up with over half a ton of weight until we ran out of sand bags (60 lbs each).

In our warehouse, we loaded the upper cabinet with 540 pounds and the base cabinet with 720 pounds of weight and then left the cabinets to bear the load for 24 hours. When we assessed the cabinets the following day, we noted deflection in unsupported spans like drawer stretchers and adjustable shelves, but no separation or failure at any of the Cabineo connections.

The purpose of this test was not to develop an official, industry-approved construction method, but rather simply to build cabinets using Cabineo, load them up, and see how they performed. Who knows how much they actually could have held?
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