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A Quantum Leap in Vertical Saw Technology

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December 20, 2016
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March 17, 2017
More efficient, more effective, more comfortable.

Following a world première in mid-2013, the first saws were commissioned at the beginning of this year. “Our new high-end saw, the Striebig 4D, has been extremely well received in the market. We’ve heard a great many positive comments here in Nuremberg too”, says Striebig Managing Director Marcel Brunner at the Holz-Handwerk trade fair.

The new 4D offers a complete solution for all tasks from cut optimisation through to the finished workpiece. The saw is based on combining continuous cutting with a panel lowering device – an idea which Striebig first successfully realised 30 years ago with the “Tempomat”. The possibilities offered today in the area of mechanics and control engineering open up new fields of application for the saw that would still have been inconceivable in the 1980s. Unique features such as the optional intelligent cut optimisation or optional expansion of cutting depth to up to 130 mm permit completely new applications for vertical sawing technology. At the same time, they provide the necessary conditions for even more efficient sawing procedures.

The intelligent cut optimisation function with panel optimisation programme POP is integrated into the 4D's control unit. All the saw’s functions can be operated by fingertip control via the generously-sized 12” touchscreen. The POP controls the cutting sequence and optimises both sawing procedure and material utilisation. Based on user requirements, the Lucerne-based saw specialists individually tailor interfaces to the customer-specific PPS system and adapt them to the POP.

Naturally, the 4D performs panel and strip cutting work fully automatically. The operator positions the panel and the saw takes care of the everything else thanks to corresponding programme control. With the PAV and PPS options, vertical and horizontal workpiece transport operations are performed fully automatically by the saw. The automatic clamping fixtures of the PAV panel lowering device fix the panels in position and allow vertical transport on the saw frame. The clamps on each lowering device hold panels up to a weight of 130 kg. Horizontal panel feeding is also fully automatic. Here, the panel is placed securely on the roller support. The fully-automatic, programmable panel feeder (PPS unit) grips the panel with a special clamp, pushes it to the defined cutting position and positions it with 1/10 mm accuracy for the sizing cut. Done. All the operator has to do is remove the sawn workpieces and destack them. If necessary they can also be labelled during the process, using an optional label printer.

Striebig is aware of how complex the 4D’s application potential is. A 4D is therefore never an “off-the-shelf” saw. By “customising” it to individual needs, the Lucerne-based saw specialists can adapt the whole concept of its high-end, added-value saw to any user requirement.

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