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UTMA - Italian Tool and Cutter Grinder Manufacturer
UTMA began manufacturing tool & cutter grinders in 1970. Over the years, they have developed extensive knowledge and experience with NC and CNC controls and added a full line of profile grinders and carbide saw grinders to their product group.

Today, using the latest electronic technologies, UTMA offers a complete line of CNC products, such as CNC saw blade grinders, CNC tool & cutter grinders and CNC profile grinders. UTMA machinees are notorious for quick tool setup and easy machine programming because over 30 years of grinding experience goes into the development of each machine and its operating software.
Manual Profile Knife Grinder
For cutting tools up to 300 mm. in diameter and profile lengths up to 250 mm. Profiles HSS moulder knives, carbide inserts, brazed cutters, L/R hand router bits, & raised panel cutters. Rigid frame construction supports a 3HP grinding motor Grinds cutters up to 12” diameter and 10” length. Grinds carbide inserts against the cutting edge. Unlimited side clearance increments from 0 to 25°. Fully adjustable for back clearance angles from 0 to 45°
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Automatic CNC Profile Grinder
Profiles HSS moulder knives, carbide inserts, brazed cutters & router bits. 12 HP grinding motor with variable speed control. 4 CNC Digital Servo Motor Controlled Axes (X, Y, A, B). Automatic central lubrication system. Grinds against the cutting edge. Grinds directly from DXF CAD drawings (no template needed). Automatically compensates for compound side & back clearance angles. Full Cabin Enclosure allows use of oil or synthetic coolants

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