Welcome to the 4th Dimension

The STRIEBIG 4D opens up a new performance spectrum for vertical panel cutting technology.

With pneumatic assistance, the unit plunges fully automatically into the panel. Feed speeds can be infinitely adjusted between 10 and 25 m/min, thus individually adapted to the material being cut.

Precision machine parts are manufactured to an accuracy of 1/100 mm. It has a massive, self-supporting, firmly welded, twist-free saw frame, plus a full-surface support wall of birch plywood with integral small workpiece support.

The integral TRK dust extraction system achieves dust limit values considerably below 1 mg/m³, more than 50% below the applicable recommended values.

Further features which are also a matter of course for the premium class include the following: freely selectable saw cycle, panel end recognition, constant return speed of the saw unit, operating time counter and the digital measuring system DMS installed on both axes as standard.


Intelligent cut optimization

  • PAV – panel lowering device (clamping depth 60 mm)
  • PPS – programmable panel feeder
  • EPS.x – electronic positioning system for vertical cutting
  • VSA – scoring saw unit
  • WSG – angle cutting unit
  • Label printer
  • NVV – grooving accessory for composite panels and adjustable grooving tool
  • Paper holder
  • POP – panel optimization program with automatic sawing procedure
  • ASP – automatic saw beam positioning
  • EST105/EST130 – increased cutting depth 105 mm or 130 mm
  • Saw blade projection 24 mm
  • Increased feed speed
  • Setup variants for control cabinet
  • SSD.8 – saw motor with infinitely variable speed and 8 kW output
  • Two-speed saw motor
  • Safety shut-off mat
Cut capacities:14' 1" x 5' 6" standard (larger capacities available): depth 3-1/8" (80mm)
Weight (approx.): 1800 lbs., (2900 lbs. shipping)
Main Saw Blade: 300 mm dia., 30 mm bore with (2) 9 mm pin holes (60 mm circle)
Scoring Saw Blade: (option) 80 mm dia., 20 mm bore, special shimless split-blade type
Electrical: 3-phase, 220V/20 Amp or 440V/10 Amp service; right side of frame
Dust collection: 1500 cfm, 100 mm(x2) connection(s); choice of side
Compressed Air: 100 psi, 3 cfm (air dryer strongly recommended); right side of frame
Floor Space: 18' 6" L x 4' 11" D x 8' 1" H (machine only) Other frame sizes available upon request
  • 4SB – Automatic bottom trimming
  • EPS – Electronic positioning system EPS.x (horizontal axis for vertical cuts)
  • VSA – Scoring saw unit
  • WSG – Angle cutting unit
  • NVV – Grooving accessory for composite panels and adjustable grooving tool
  • ”High-End“ central support Paper holder
  • Cutting depth 100 mm
  • Saw motor with 2 speeds
  • Special voltage
  • Tropical insulation

Grooving Options

Grooving Options