Innovative Accessories for Maximum Versatility

Striebig has a variety of options to tailor your machine to suit any application.

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Electronic PositioningEnter the dimensions, that's all there is to it. The electronic positioning system moves the stop for the vertical cut into the cutting position. Fast, precise sawcuts again and again. The EPS can save up to 400 values which can also be invoked at the touch of a button. Striebig's EPS will help you to avoid errors; no more false dimensions when making repeat cuts and stop provides dimensions that are accurate to 1/10 mm. This saves time and is thus the ideal combination of more convenient work and enhanced performance.
1. The control unit has a direct link to the electronically controlled longitudinal stop. This results in a drive system with no unnecessary tolerances.
2. The stop runs in the stop rail without any free play.
3. The operating panel offers a clear overview with its display. A vital prerequisite for error-free work.
  • Digital Stop positioning system accurate to 0.08 mm. (.003")
  • Able to set and recall measurements from stations 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Very sturdy construction of moving stop assembly. Can withstand 40 lbs. of force with no loss of positioning accuracy
  • Keypad moves left and right independent of the saw beam and swings around the left side of the frame, out of the way, for doing horizontal cuts
  • Integral clipboard on control panel holds cut sheet
  • "Park" button returns stop to "home" out of the way for rip cuts
  • LCD display has large, simple keypad and shows set dimension or called address, plus previous and subsequent addresses
  • Operates from independent 110/220V single-phase power supply, so it doesn't have to be wired into saw controls
  • Measures in decimal inches, fractions and metric
  • Retrofitable to any post '91 Striebig - not available for Compact machines
Electronic PositioningScoring saw unit makes perfect edges on sizing cuts even on hard, brittle or fibrous surfaces. A saw blade life that is 400-500% longer, a clear reduction in tool costs and lightning fast adjustment.
  • Carbide tooth saw blade for dependable, long-life, chip-free cuts
  • Extends main blade life considerably for lower sharpening costs
  • Permanently mounted, belt-driven scoring unit
  • Easily retractable when scoring is not needed
  • Easily adjustable depth and side to side alignment
  • Maintains settings reliably
For Compact and Compact Plus
  • 80 mm split-blade with shims for width adjustment
  • Easily installed (or retrofitted); takes about 20-30 minutes
  • Includes shroud, all related tooling, and technical manual with parts, installation and operating instructions
For New Generation Saws: Evolution and Control
  • Shimless split-blade design for fast and simple width adjustment
  • Push-button with indicator lights to engage and retract the unit
  • Factory installed only; must be ordered at time of saw order
Electronic PositioningNo matter whether you are measuring vertically or horizontally Striebig's rechargeable, battery-powered measuring system DMS offers contact-free measurements with an accuracy of 1/10 mm. This cable-free measuring system that is subject to no wear is positioned and held immovably in place by an eccentric locking mechanism. This provides you with exact work pieces for superior work. The powerful rechargeable battery is designed for operating periods of over two weeks. The battery can be recharged within a few hours.The separate battery charging unit is fitted with a wall attachment facility. The unit can thus be fitted ready for use for speedy battery changing either close to a power socket or the machine.Striebig's soft-stop sliding support is clearly visible in the illustration.The support surfaces are shaped to allow the work piece to stand on the central support without any danger of slipping and thereby damaging the edge.
  • Digital accuracy and repeatability - accurate to 1/10 mm
  • Displays both imperial (.005") and metric (0.1 mm) dimensions
  • Simple reference dimensioning
  • Fitted exclusively for use with Striebig panel saws
X-Axis (moves right and left to measure for vertical cuts)
  • Battery powered so there are no wires to run to the control panel
  • Two rechargeable batteries and charging stand (110V AC)
  • Fine adjustment thumb wheel to dial to the exact desired dimension
  • Push-button reference from four different vertical cut stations
  • Easily installed (retrofitted) on Compacts and Optisaws
Y-Axis (reads saw head vertical position for horizontal cuts)
  • References from roller surface or the center shelf
  • Precise strip cutting from top down including saw kerf compensation
  • Kerf compensation is adjustable
  • Wired and mounted to the control panel for convenient eye-height viewing
Angle Cutting
Precise Angles, mitres that fit perfectly, from 0 to 46 degrees. Striebig's angle-cutting unit is something special:
  • It can be fitted on the left or right of any vertical cutting point on all Striebig models
  • It is easy to attach firmly to the frame/support
  • Infinitely-variable work piece-edge length with the help of the integral scale
  • Simple, safe and precise angle adjustment to an accuracy of 1/10 degree
  • Unintentional resetting under load is prevented by locking system
  • Robust design allows angle cuts on large, heavy panels
  • High productivity as time-consuming adjustments are unnecessary
  • Speedy cutting since the dimension set is precisely maintained in all angle settings
  • For use with panels up to 42 mm. thick
  • Angle cuts are ready for bonding
  • Safe, handy storage in a strong wooden case for when the angle-cutting unit is not fitted to the saw.
The Striebig machine makes seam-ready cuts in solid surface, V-Grooves solid surface, and makes backslash coves. These features dramatically reduce fabrication time. Perfect for all types of solid surface fabrication - counter tops, vanities, store fixtures, commercial applications and more.
Solid Surface Options
No more lifting. No more turning. No more hard work. No more damaged edges. No more lost time.
  • Edge-trimming on four sides, 4SB
  • The edges of large panels can be trimmed without turning
  • Pneumatic lifting device with a capacity of 300 kg. Complete with vacuum pump
  • Sturdy vacuum suckers with button valve
  • Vacuum suckers can be recessed into the support wall
  • Fixed horizontal stop for edge-trimming position
  • Easy handling
  • Available on the Evolution, Control and 4D

Edge Trimming
Edge Trimming The depth stop for the adjustable grooving tool is an accessory for Striebig panel saws. Adjustable grooving tools can replace the saw blade on the saw shaft and ten be used to cut dado grooves in panel material. /The depth stop allows the depth of the groove to be set in relation to the panel surface thereby ensuring that the depth of the groove is consistent. This accessory permits the use of adjustable grooving tools up to a maximum groove width of 15 mm and a maximum groove depth of approximately 25 mm. Striebig adjustable grooving tools and accessories are precisely designed in accordance with safety regulations and the construction and performance of the machine. Grooving jobs can therefore be carried out efficiently in full observance of the safety regulations. The depth stop should only be used in conjunction with a Striebig adjustable grooving tool and the corresponding extraction hood.
  • Available for all Striebig models
  • Two different adjustable width cutters available; 8 - 15 mm (5/16 - 9/16") and 12 - 19 mm (1/2 - 3/4")
  • Cutters have carbide inserts for chip-free scoring and removing material
  • Depth control is easily adjusted from the outside of the saw
Compact Kit includes shroud, door with integral depth control, and technical manual including parts list, safety, and operating instructions.Optisaw Kit includes shroud, door-mounted depth control device, and technical manual Evolution / Control Kit includes thumb wheel adjustable depth control disc and instructions; Note: factory installed option; must be ordered with machine.
Edge TrimmingThe grooving attachment consists of a special cutter shroud with an integral guard, a set of non-marring tracer wheels for the 3 standard material thicknesses, bearing assembly, and mounting hardware. A special V-grooving cutter with reversible, replaceable carbide inserts is sold separately. Proper operation will also require a backer panel, the thickness of which is determined by the model used.
Edge TrimmingCutting small work pieces to size is safe, sure, and precise. The small work piece support is placed in position above the central support on the left and the right of the zero point. Small, thin work pieces are thus safely supported and precisely located. Even the smallest without any danger to fingers (no holding, no pushing). Available for Optisaw Standard.