Minimal Cutting Depth

The P-System only requires a minimal material thickness of 12 mm for work in 1/2″ material or back-to-back applications.

Versatile Angle Joints

P-System connectors can be used for virtually any angle. The groove is always positioned at a 90-degree angle to the joint.

Lateral Ridges

The ridges on the sides of the connectors ensure that they stay in the groove, even when transporting parts with pre-fitted P-System connectors.

Lateral Tolerance In The Profile Groove

Since the connectors are not secured with screws, they can move within the groove, allowing perfectly flush alignment of the workpiece.

Wear-free Disassembly

The connectors may be removed from the profile groove for surface treatment without causing wear.

Fast Fast Tool-Free Installation

Insertion instead of screwing or gluing means no waiting for the adhesive to dry. The connectors are inserted manually into the profile groove without needing tools.

Lamello P-System Strong & form-locking

Strong & Form-Locking

Form-locking connections across large surface areas ensure optimum tensile strength even with weaker materials.