A Wood Joinery to Fit All Applications

The Lamello Original wood joinery system embodies efficiency, intuitiveness, and precision, making it the preferred choice for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether for furniture manufacturing, kitchen fittings, shop fixtures, or booth construction, Lamello stands as the epitome of multifunctional, high-precision wood joining systems.

Precision Speed & Accuracy

Efficiency is paramount with the Lamello Original system, ensuring unmatched precision and speed. Micro-tolerances guarantee accuracy, while vertical stripes facilitate easy expansion and indestructible wood bonding.

Streamlined Ergonomics

Alignment during bonding pressure application is also a necessity with lower-grade biscuits. However, the self-aligning feature of Lamello system components, with a 45-degree wood grain, ensures ergonomic fit and streamlines the process, reducing effort for every project.

Ideal Dimensions

Meticulously crafted Lamello Original biscuits adhere to ideal dimensions—3.93mm for thin biscuits and 4.00mm for thick biscuits—meticulously rejecting any deviations. Additionally, the beechwood biscuits in the Lamello Original offer ample glue surface for stability and remarkable durability.

Premier Features for Timeless Function & Effortless Endurance 

Builders experience optimal performance with the Lamello Original, facilitating seamless joining of boards and cabinet boxes while ensuring exceptional durability. Unlike dominos, Lamello biscuits exemplify classic wood joinery, requiring manual yet straightforward clamping for precise alignment.