Full-size automatic panel saw at compact price

In the automatic mode, the saw unit of the COMPACT Automatic automatically plunges into the material, cuts the panel horizontally or vertically and retracts automatically after the cutting operation. The saw stops at the end of the panel. A selectable auto-matic return (25 m/min) brings the saw back to its original position.

Since the operator is not required to do physically exhausting work, the operator can fully concentrate on cutting, dimensioning and unloading the panels.

The control unit of COMPACT Automatic has been ergonomically arranged at eye level. Due to its clearly arranged display, the saw can be operated efficiently and centrally. You can measure and cut to an accuracy of 1/10 mm on a Compact Automatic with the digital measuring system (option). Additionally, the support rollers which are aligned and ground to a precision of 1/100 mm on all saws are a further guarantee of Striebig's unlimited measuring precision.
Same as Compact Auto model features below plus:
• 15’1” length cut capacity

• Repeat rip device with roller and 25” capacity
• Six template bar stops for setting common rip cuts
• Auto travel with four forward speeds: 33, 46, 59, 82 ft./min. and full speed return
• Selectable saw cycle (cut & return or cut & stop)
• Automatic locking support rollers
• One-piece fully welded frame, able to floor or wall-mount
• 10’2” x 5’5” cut capacity; 2-3/8” cut depth
• Heavy-duty support rollers with integral panel stop
• Full-length mid-shelf with adjustable spacing for aluminum fingers and built-in wood small parts support area
• Auto, upward-shifting aluminum support grid w/plastic laths
• NEW highly efficient dust system, enclosed in cable chain
• 5-1/4hp, 208-480V, 3 motor with electric brake
• 250mm carbide saw blade for 2-3/8” depth of cut
- Specially designed measuring flip stop for use with small parts
• Template bar accepts optional stops for common rip cuts
• Optional true split-blade scoring saw available (& retrottable)
• Optional locking rollers, foot-pedal operated (factory ordered)
Cut capacities: 15'1" W x 5'4" H*; depth 2-3/8" (60mm) *(up to 17'6" x 7'2" available as option)
Weight (approx.): 1364 lbs. (net), 2000 lbs. (gross)
Main Saw Blade: 250 mm dia., 30 mm bore with (2) 7 mm pin holes (42 mm circle)
Scoring Saw Blade: (option) 80 mm dia., 20 mm bore split-blade type w/shims
Electrical: 3 phase, 220V/20 Amp or 440V/10 Amp service *208V and 240V motors available
Dust collection: 1000 cfm, 100 (x2) connections (second connection at bottom right corner of frame is optional and hose is not provided.)
• DMS Digital measuring system for both X and Y axes
• VSA Scoring saw unit; split-type blade with shims or adjustable width
• WSG Angle cutting attachment
• ACM aluminum composite panel grooving kit and insert-type profile cutters for 90/135/U-shape bends
• Dado/profile grooving depth stop kit and carbide insert cutting tools
• Locking rollers (foot-pedal operated)
• Carbon-fiber center shelf support fingers for sensitive panel edges
• Repeat rip device with 25” scale for top-down strip cutting
• Snap-in aluminum small parts supports
• Removable clipboard mounted underneath operator control panel
• Template bar stops (program cams) to set common rip cut dimensions