Minispot Patches
Minispot Patches

Minispot patches are used to repair wood defects and damaged areas with the same wood species, color and structure. The Minispot patches are available in widths of 8, 15 or 20 mm and lengths of up to 81 mm. Minispot rods are also available in lengths of up to 500 mm.

Thanks to its optimum hold through interlocking with the surrounding wood and careful matching of the wood colour and structure, the patches become virtually invisible. The patches also darken with the wood, meaning that the repaired area will remain permanently concealed.

  • Optimum hold of patches due to interlocking in surrounding wood
  • Patch darkens like the surrounding wood and becomes practically invisible
  • Available in different sizes, lengths and over 50 wood species
  • Cutting out wood defects such as resin pockets, knots and tears as well as areas that have suffered mechanical damage
  • Repair of high-quality wood, glulam beams, solid wood panels etc.
Species Description - Size 2 Box - 500 Pieces
Alder - Stock # 151802*
Ash - Stock # 151902*
Beech - Stock # 151602*
Birch - Stock # 151302*
Cherry - Stock # 153102*
Douglas Fir - Stock # 152902*
Elm - Stock # 152802
Hemlock - Stock # 152102*
Maple - Stock # 150602*
Nordic Pine - Stock # 150402
Nordic Spruce - Stock # 150222
Phil. Mahogany - Stock # 152502*
Pine - Stock # 150302*
Ponderosa Pine - Stock # 153302*
Poplar - Stock # 151002*
Red Oak - Stock # 153402*
Spruce - Stock # 150002*
Walnut - Stock # 153502*
White Fir - Stock # 151102*
White Oak - Stock # 153002*

Minispot patches are available in the most common wood types: adler, ash, beech, birch, cherry, Douglas fir, elm, hemlock, maple, Nordic pine, Nordic spruce, Phil. mahogany, pine, ponderosa pine, popular, red oak, spruce, walnut, white fir, and white oak.

* Denotes normally stocked. Other species stocked by arrangement.

Minispot patches are available in several sizes and lengths. Please contact a minispot specialist at Colonial Saw for special applications. Prices range from $95 to $130 for a box of 500 patches depending on wood species. For more information on pricing call 1-800-252-6355.

  • Minispot Patches

    To patch wood defects and damaged areas
  • Minispot Patch Sizes

    Minispot patches are available in several sizes and lengths.
  • Repairing with the Minispot System

    Cutters and patches are made to fit
  • Fast Minispot Repair

    Optimal hold of the patches due to the fine interlocking in the wood surface