P-System Advantages
P-System Advantages
P-System Advantages
P-System Advantages

Strong and form-locking
Form-locking connections across large surface areas ensures optimum tensile strength even with weaker materials

Fast installation
Insertion instead of screwing or gluing means no waiting for adhesive to dry

Tool-free installation
The connectors are inserted manually into the profile groove without the need for tools

Wear-free disassembly
The connectors may be removed from the profile groove for surface treatment without causing wear

Lateral tolerance in the profile groove
Since the connectors are not secured with screws, they can move within the groove, allowing perfectly flush alignment of the work piece

Lateral ridges
The ridges on the sides of the connectors ensure that they stay in the groove, even when transporting parts with pre-fitted P-System connectors

Versatile angle joints
P-System connectors can be used for virtually any angle. The groove is always positioned at a 90 degree angle to the joint

Minimal cutting depth
Minimal material thickness of 12 mm for work in 1/2" material or back-to-back applications

Clamex P
Detachable connector

Tenso P with preload function
Self-clamping invisible connector for glued joints in angles

Divario P
Self-clamping, invisible connector for slide insertion
Fast installation
Inserting instead of screwing or gluing

Open the connector repeatedly with the rotating lever

The small, hardly visible opening (Ø = 6 mm) serves to close and open the connector

High clamping force
Clamp and glue work pieces at any angle with up to nearly 200 lbs. of clamping force

Workpieces with pre-installed P-System connectors are stackable for storage and transport

The shallow element depth allows for miters from 22.5 – 180°, surface, corner and dividing panel connections

Fast installation
Inserting instead of screwing or gluing

Fixed joints of two workpieces

No visible components

High clamping force
Allows for perfect alignment and clamps the workpieces with 35 lbs. of pressure

Simple gluing of miter joints

Lower assembly force
Minimal effort required to engage, regardless of the number of connectors
Fast Installation
Inserting instead of screwing or gluing

Sliding Insertion
Insertion between two fixed sides or shelves with running slot in edge of workpiece

Connectors are concealed when engaged

High clamping force
Connectors clamp with 35 lbs. of pressure, pulling cabinetdividers or carcasses together for a tight joint. No resistance while inserting until shortly before building the clamping force

Fast installation
Quick installation of the connectors without glue after transport

Easy to use, hand-held power tool
Installation of P-System connectors at all angles using a power tool, be it in the workshop or at the job site

Quick installation
Corner joint with two Clamex P connectors in less than 2 minutes!

Minimal setup time
Regardless of the angle, the Zeta P2 is rapidly configured and ready for use

Familiar application
Fast, simple and precise, works nearly identically to a traditional Lamello bicuit joiner

Same process on both sides
Time savings and minimal error risk due to identical processes of both work pieces without changing the cutting depth

Automatic P-System cutter movement
Automatic, fast cutting movement when maximum depth is reached – powered by reliable, low-wear mechanical technology

Rotating depth adjuster
Fast changing of connector size by turning the depth adjuster, without the need to switch tools

Turn off the profile groove function
Use as standard biscuit joiner for 19 additional applications with a 4mm blade

Production Processing
Efficient and precise installation of P-System connectors, with their many benefits, using a wide range of CNC machines

Direct transfer from CAD/CAM
The program for the CNC machine can be transferred directly from the CAD/CAM program

Automated, precise and repeatable production using CNC technology for batch runs or integration as a standard connection process