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    Simplex Interlocking Plates
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    Detachable joining element
Simplex Detachable slide-in connector

Simplex is a two-part knock down connector for detachable construction and is anchored in the groove with PUR adhesive. It features a stop on one side to allow for simple attachment and detachment.

  • Repeated attachment/detachment of a work piece, e.g. an inspection flap cover or concealment panel
  • Can be applied with any Lamello biscuit joiner

For detachable constructions such as shelf units, covers and door reinforcements or as a glueing aid

Detachable for inspection flaps or as a glueing aid instead of clamps

Size: 54 × 23 × 4.1 mm
Cutter: Ø 100 x 4 x 22
Material: Aluminium

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