"We now get 6 times the life on our wheels since adding a CFS to our shop." (Robert Corolla, Needham Saw)
Coolant Filtration System for Single or Multi-Machine Application. Adding a CFS to a shop can save money because clean coolant will increase diamond wheel life, machine life, and coolant life.

Model CFS-100

  • 15 GPM high-pressure pump (Also available in 6 and 9 GPM)
  • Runs 1 to 8 machines
  • Filter to 5 microns. (Optional 1, 10 ,20 & 30 micron filters)
  • Dual cartridge system with 55 sq. ft. of filter media
  • High efficiency cartridges combine high dirt holding capacity with minimal pressure drop
  • Cartridges are wrapped in aluminum for easy removal
  • Outside to Inside thru flow traps sludge in filter prevents clogging
  • Filters water or oil, equally well
  • Complete with two 8 foot hoses, suction and discharge, electric cord, four rigid casters for portability
  • Single phase, 110V