Bitmaster Manual Brad Point & Router Bit Grinder

Standard Machine includes:

  • Dresser for accurate dressing of Diamond, CBN, and vitrified wheels
  • Dressing wheel
  • Expandable drill chuck for tool holders
Bitmaster Optional Accessories
  • Optical Setter
  • Hand held set-up stand with scope, light and scale speeds tool alignment
  • 220V Motor Surcharge - To convert to 220V, single phase, 60Hz (VDE approved electrics)
Tool Holding
  • Straight Shank Tool Holder. One required for each shank size.
  • Threaded Shank Tool Holder. One required for each threaded shank size.
  • Router Bit Tool Holder. One required for each router bit shank size.
  • Large Brad Point Chuck. For brad points with shanks from 3 to 38mm (1/8- 1 1/2”)
Tool Diameters: Up to 2”
Shanks: 1/8 – 3/4” (up to 1 1/2” option)
Grinding Motor: 1/4 HP
Grinding Wheel Diameter: 75 and 50mm (3 and 2”)
Grinding Wheel Bore: 10mm
Voltage: 110V, Single Phase
Shipping Weight: 60 lbs