82R Manual Tap, Drill & Reamer Grinder

82R Optional Accessories
  • Point splitting Option for Split Point Drills 1/8”-1/2”
  • Tap/Reamer Option for Taps #10-1”, Reamers 1/8”-1”
  • Left-Hand Drill Option for L.H. drills 1/16”-3/4”
  • Spear Point (through bore) Kit
  • Vitrified wheel, extension, and riser for spear points
Tool Holding
  • Straight Shank Tool Holder. One required for each shank size.
  • Threaded Shank Tool Holder. One required for each threaded shank size.
  • Chuck for Taper Shank drills 1/16”-13/16”
  • Chuck with Hardened Pins (special order)
Miscellaneous Items
  • Diamond Dresser (PBOP-R only)
Tool Diameters: Up to 13/16”
Shanks: Up to 3/4”
Grinding Motor: 1/4 HP
Voltage: 110V, Single Phase
Shipping Weight: 47 lbs