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Why a Vertical Panel Saw?



Here's why Vertical Panel Saws cut panels faster and safer than a table saw or slider, without giving up valuable floor space:

Flipping a Panel on a STRIEBIG Video 









1. Efficiency:
First and foremost, vertical saws were designed to cut big rectangles into smaller rectangles, so of course they do it more efficiently than an all-around machine like a slider. If you are using a slider solely to cut rectangles to make boxes, you are working harder than you should be!

2. Accuracy, Squareness & Quality of Cut:
It would be difficult to make an argument against an upper-end slider on any of these points, but compared to a table saw, there is no comparison on any of these points. That's mainly because on a vertical saw, the panel is stationary and the saw moves on precision guide-ways through the material, and you're not relying on an operator to keep the work-piece up against a fence. The quality of cut issue is extremely apparent when cutting solid surface material and melamine.

3. Material Handling and Operator Ease:
This is especially true of a Striebig because of the panel rollers, but is true of all verticals. Just think about the way you would carry a sheet from one end of the shop to the other - it's easier to handle it vertically. Now think about wrestling a sheet horizontally up to and through a table saw.

4. Space Savings:
Especially working floor space. 70 sq. ft. is all that's required to cut up to 5' x 10' panels (or 95 sq. ft. for 6' x 14'), as opposed to 200 sq. ft. min. for a table saw or slider just to cut 4' x 8' sheets! Remember you need 8' in front of the blade, 8' behind the blade, 8' to the left, and 4' to the right. How much is your leased floor space worth each month?

5. Safety:
A continually covered saw blade is traveling through a stationary panel. There are no fingers moving past a blade sticking up through a table!

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