Superior class vertical panel cutting technology

Automatic motor swiveling is only one of the countless functions of the EVOLUTION in support of manual sawing.

Precision machine parts are manufactured to an accuracy of 1/100 mm. It has a massive, self-supporting, firmly welded, twist-free saw frame, plus a full-surface support wall of birch plywood with integral small workpiece support.

The integral TRK dust extraction system achieves dust limit values considerably below 1 mg/m³, more than 50% below the applicable recommended values.

Flexible and Economical

  • Swiss made quality for accuracy and durability
  • New touch-screen color monitor for control of most saw functions and trouble-shooting diagnostics
  • New ability to upload cut lists via USB Memory Stick
  • Cuts 5' 6" x 14' 1" (larger frames available)
  • Very stable, all welded steel frame suitable for free-standing or wall-mount installation
  • Convenient, sturdy, mid-shelf allows for comfortable working of small parts
  • Automatic locking of the heavy-duty panel support rollers when saw head is plunged
  • Automatic, mechanical, upward-shifting support grid with full support for thin or small material
  • Digital measuring is standard with fine adjustment, easy reference setting, push-button changeover from rollers to mid-shelf to strip cutting, and selectable display increments
  • Second measuring channel with three auxiliary stops for repeat cuts
  • New laser light to help guide set-up of horizontal cut position
  • TRK dust collection system exceeds European standards; note: requires external collector
  • Vertical cutting stations 40 inches on center (1 meter optional)
  • Automatic recognition and locking of beam at cutting stations; push-button unlocking
  • Control panel displays operating hours and faults (language is selectable)
  • Template bar with six stops for setting typical horizontal cuts
Cut capacities:14' 1" x 5' 6" standard (larger capacities available): depth 3-1/8" (80mm)
Weight (approx.): 1800 lbs., (2900 lbs. shipping)
Main Saw Blade: 300 mm dia., 30 mm bore with (2) 9 mm pin holes (60 mm circle)
Scoring Saw Blade: (option) 80 mm dia., 20 mm bore, special shimless split-blade type
Electrical: 3-phase, 220V/20 Amp or 440V/10 Amp service; right side of frame
Dust collection: 1500 cfm, 100 mm(x2) connection(s); choice of side
Compressed Air: 100 psi, 3 cfm (air dryer strongly recommended); right side of frame
Floor Space: 18' 6" L x 4' 11" D x 8' 1" H (machine only) Other frame sizes available upon request
  • 4SB – Automatic bottom trimming
  • EPS – Electronic positioning system EPS.x (horizontal axis for vertical cuts)
  • VSA – Scoring saw unit
  • WSG – Angle cutting unit
  • NVV – Grooving accessory for composite panels and adjustable grooving tool
  • ”High-End“ central support Paper holder
  • Cutting depth 100 mm
  • Saw motor with 2 speeds
  • Special voltage
  • Tropical insulation

Grooving Options

Grooving Options