Profila E Plus

Profila E Plus is power tool for mobile use and is ideal for simultaneous flush trimming and rounding of protruding PVC, melamine or veneer edges.

The unique opening on the base plate allows protruding edges to be processed with the device applied on the surface rather than on the edge and thus effectively preventing wobbling. Processing of work pieces with inside or outside radius is also possible.

  • Simple and stepless fine adjustment of cutting depth by rotating the base plate
  • Large base plate with opening for protruding edges
  • Small, variable tool opening; 25 or 34 mm
  • Suitable for processing protruding PVC edges
  • Compatible with all standard cutters
  • High speed guarantees clean cuts
  • Flush trimming and rounding of 3 mm PVC, melamine or veneer edges on curved work pieces
Power: 740 W
Voltage: 230 V
Speed: 25,000 minˉ¹
Base Plate: D 100mm with 34 mm opening, 25 mm reducer
Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Profila E Plus

    Edge profiling with large base plate
  • Profila for protruding edges

    Ideal for cutting protruding PVC edges
  • Profila in Action

    Stable guiding of the machine and milling of curved work pieces
  • Profila Edges

    Fo flush-milling, edge-milling and profiling of edges even on curved work pieces