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Colonial Saw has been the sole importer of Lamello products into the USA for over 30 years.
We have a full inventory of spare parts in both our Massachusetts and California locations.

For easy ordering, please find the 6 digit spare part # in these manuals and
contact our knowledgeable customer service people at 781-585-4364 for pricing and delivery information.

Below are three Lamello Spare Parts pdfs:

1. All LK Glue Machines
Spare part listing for all Lamello LK Glue Applicators including the Manual and One Shot Glue Systems

Pdf_icon 1.25 Mb

2. All Lamello Machines
Spare part listing for all Lamello Machines

Pdf_icon 14 Mb

3. All Lamello Motors
Spare part listing for all Lamello Machine Motors

Pdf_icon 3.77 Mb


Link to the Lamello Corporate Media Web Page

For more information about all Lamello products including Catalog, Flyers, Pictures, Videos, Manuals, Technical Sheets and Spare Parts Documents