Lamello Minispot G2A Wood Repair Machine & Minispot G20 S2 Grooving Machine

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Wood Repair Milling machine for patching defects in wood such as resin galls, cracks, knicks made by dropped tools and damaged edges.

  • Resin galls and other damage in the wood can be easily and neatly removed with the Lamello Minispot machine.
  • The G2A model is particularly suited for milling in rabbets, by virtue of its movable bottom covering.
  • Clear baseplate allows user to see the defect while milling it out.
  • Minispot patches are available in the most common wood types: adler, ash, beech, birch, cherry, Douglas fir, elm, hemlock, maple, Nordic pine, Nordic spruce, Phil. mahogany, pine, ponderosa pine, popular, red oak, spruce, walnut, white fir, and white oak.
  • You may easily retrofit your Lamello Top or Classic for use with patch size G2, by purchasing the special front plate and carbide cutter.
  • The original Minispot method guarantees faultless repair.


Please call for more details or purchasing information.
Technical Data Model G2A - No. 111702
Motor 700 W
Speed 8,000 RPM
Cutter 100 x 8 x 22 mm.
Teeth 4

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The Minispot Method:

    • 1. Mill out resin gall or damaged part with the Lamello Minispot machine.
    • 2. Apply glue.
    • 3. Insert Minispot patch into the groove.
    • 4. Plane the slightly projecting part flush.


    Each patch instantly seats firmly in its recess as it wedges itself in the wood. The Lamello Minispot G2A has a movable bottom covering, enabling it to mill in a rabbet too. The milling tool is visible and allows exact positioning.




  • Cutters: G2 Cutter No. 132217
  • Patches: Size 2 Box of 500 pieces in a variety of species


Minispot G20 S2 Grooving Machine


Minispot Grooving Machine G20 S2

To cut Minispot-grooves for patches sizes 2,4,22,8,15,20

  • Precision guidance with finished surface
  • Easy Positioning due to see-through cover
  • No slipping while cutting due to anti-slide coating and fixation spikes
  • Controlled plunge due to ergonomic push-down lever
  • For patches, patching rods and edge patches
  • Suction stub for dust extraction


    Lamello Minispot G20 S2- No. 111750 $1,800.00

Call 1-888-777-2729 to purchase or for more information


Technical Data Model G20 - No. 111750
Motor 1000 W
Speed 10,000 RPM
Max. groove depth 20 mm.
Weight 4.4 kg