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Fixo - the self-clamping biscuit

Rugged Self Clamping Biscuits Come in Two Sizes and Offer a Multitude of Applications

Fast, Easy and Economical:

  • Connects and clamps with one strike
  • Curved ridges pull joint tightly together
  • Use with any biscuit joiner - no tool investment
  • No clamps = No waiting time
  • Cut groove in both workpieces simultaneously
  • Use with wood and wood composites
  • Available in vertical and horizontal sizes
  • Click here for Self Clamping Biscuit application video clips


Ideal for:

  • Face Frames for doors or furniture
  • Cabinet bases and toe kicks
  • Extensions for boards and profiles
  • Picture frames
  • On-site repairs and much more
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Style E20-H
Fixo Biscuit E20-H
Style E20-L
Fixo Biscuit E20-L
Self Clamping Biscuit Mixed Blister Pack - (40 E20-H & 40 E20-L)
No. 145020 - $45.00
plus $5.00 shipping and handling


Self Clamping Biscuit Blister Pack E20-H
(80 pieces)
No. 145021 - $45.00
plus $5.00 shipping and handling


Self Clamping Biscuit Blister Pack E20-L
(80 pieces)
No. 145022 - $45.00
plus $5.00 shipping and handling


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