Rekord RS500 Tooth Removal Machine

For Grinding Down Teeth on HSS Circular Saw Blades to facilitate retooling. When several teeth are broken, it is faster to grind them all down and remanufacture the blade than to try to align and grind new teeth into the existing blade.

Standard Machine includes:

  • Fully recirculating coolant system
  • Clamping fixture for circular saws from 150-500mm
  • 2 saw blade clamping flanges- 200 & 300mm
  • 2 Resinoid grinding wheels
  • Set of bushings for 16mm shaft, (22,27,32,40,50mm, 1”)
RS500 Optional Accessories
  • PLC for control of machine functions, cycle times & grinding wheel infeed
  • Electronically controlled variable speed of saw rotation
  • Magnetic coolant cleaner with rotating discs
  • Saw blade clamping flanges: 140mm, 250mm, 350mm, 400mm
Blade Diameters: 150-500mm
Grinding Motor: 2 HP
Grinding Wheel Dimensions: 15, 25, 30mm
Grinding Wheel Speed: 4000 rpm
Saw Blade Speed: 14 rpm
Voltage: 220V, 3Ph, 60Hz
Shipping Weight: 400 kg (880 lbs.)